Centre for Research-Creation in Media Arts and Technologies

Hexagram-Concordia Research-Creation members are researchers involved in ongoing and in-depth research into digital cultures, new media art and technology.

Members fall into three categories:

Full Research Membership is open to Concordia University permanent, full-time faculty members.

Associate Research Membership is open to Concordia University LTA, ETA and part-time faculty members, as well as post-doctoral fellows.

Affiliate Research Membership is given to long-term collaborators external to Concordia University.

To apply for membership, researchers must submit:

  1. A letter of intent outlining current projects and ongoing research interests and their relation to Hexagram’s mandate
  2. An up-to-date research c.v.
  3. The name of a Full Research Member willing to support the application

Application packages should be submitted to the Administrative Coordinator. Applications are reviewed and voted on by the Hexagram-Concordia Research-Creation Committee.

Membership is distinct from registering to access Hexagram Infrastructure technical resources. For information on resource access, please see the Hexagram-Concordia Infrastructure website.